Hey there! I’m BJ Matthews, an adventure-loving photographer from Arkansas, and Ive had an obsession with taking photos since I picked up my first film camera back in 1997. I began my career in weddings working at a studio in my hometown. Fast-forward eight years and here I am, still just as obsessed with human connection as I was back when I shot my first wedding. My work is driven by raw, honest moments full of emotion.

Full of wanderlust and a deep curiosity about life, I spend as much time as possible traveling (when my full-time job allows it). It’s nothing short of a privilege to be able to immerse myself in situations that allow me to witness personal discovery, freedom and love. Photography affords me that privilege often.

When it comes to downtime, I like to study the effects of wine on the human body, work on thinning down my Netflix queue, and catch as many sunsets as possible. I’m also really into marathons (of the Harry Potter variety), Mexican food, and cheap beer.

I am honored & humbled that you are considering me for such an important role in your wedding day.