Allison + Tommy | Engagements

As a wedding photographer (or a photographer in general), you get used to being called a control freak. We like to be in the know, we like to control situations, and we like to be prepared for everything that comes our way. If you've ever actually been a wedding photographer, you know that things are very rarely in your control and you really have to learn to go with the flow of a wedding day (because what wedding day ever stays on track according to the timeline someone spent hours creating?). Seems a bit contradictory, right?

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful, energetic and adventurous couple. I've known Allison for years. Fun fact: we rode the bus to school together until I hit high school. Since Allison is a wedding photographer, I knew releasing control of her own shoot was going to stress her out a little, but I knew she'd have some great ideas to toss around to get her own style out there in her photographs. What I was totally unprepared for was how absolutely AWESOME these two were in front of the camera and how prepared they were to knock their session out of the park. I mean, they absolutely killed it! 

Allison & Tommy decided to go big and use a new destination none of us have ever been to - Avery Island, Louisiana. Man, did they pick the perfect location or what?! The weather was beautiful, the energy was great, and we had a killer time traveling around to see what southern Louisiana had to offer. Check out some of my favorites of these two beautiful souls & show them some love! 

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